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Are the tutorials legit?

  • Of course they are! Each method on is based on a conversion system developed by Microsoft itself.

How does it all work?

  • It's pretty simple. Microsoft has developed a conversion system that allows you to merge multiple types of subscriptions (Xbox Live Gold, PC Game Pass etc.) into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, usually in 1:1 ratio. XGPU is the most expensive of all subscriptions, so by combining the cheaper ones, you can save a lot of money. Microsoft has explained it on its website.

Can I get banned for using your tutorials?

  • No. By taking advantage of a conversion system developed by Microsoft itself, you can't get banned, because you're not violating any rules. When it comes to the VPN-based guide, Microsoft technically prohibits activating codes from different regions, but we haven't heard of anyone getting banned for that.

Is it safe to make a purchase in the stores you provide links to?

  • Yes. We work with reputable sellers only.

Your discount codes don't work. What to do?

  • In order for our discount codes to work, you have to access the stores through our links. If you still can't use any of our coupons, despite accessing the stores through our links, launch in incognito mode and try again.

I don't see my country in the dropdown menu. Does that mean I can't use your tutorials?

  • If Xbox subscriptions are available in your region, you can still use our tutorials. However, you might have to make a purchase in a different currency and do the math yourself. Just follow the steps in the chosen method, but have in mind that prices may vary.

Are the guides up to date?

  • Yes. We verify every method on a daily basis and if anything changes, our guides get updated right away.

Can I use your guides if I play on PC?

  • Yes. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate grants you access to games on three platforms simultaneously: PC, consoles (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S) and cloud.

Should I follow the steps described in the tutorials in order, or it doesn't matter?

  • The correct order is crucial. If you activate subscriptions in the wrong order, you might achieve a way less favorable conversion ratio.

In the VPN-based guide, can I use any VPN or do I have to install Urban VPN?

  • Feel free to use any VPN you want, as long as it has a Turkish server. We picked Urban VPN just because it's free and very easy to use.

If I buy a subscription following the VPN-based guide, will I always have to use VPN in order to access games from the Xbox Game Pass library?

  • Absolutely not. The VPN is needed just to activate codes - once you finish all the steps in the tutorial of your choice, you can uninstall the VPN and forget about it forever.

How many months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can I stack on my account?

  • 36 months is the maximum number, so you won't be able to activate any more subscriptions if you exceed the limit. However, you can purchase as many codes as you want and activate them later, because keys don't expire.

Where can I find the list of games currently available in Xbox Game Pass?

How can I cancel my Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription or disable recurring payments?

The tutorial worked and I just bought Xbox Game Pass Ultimate way cheaper! What can I do in exchange?

  • We'd appreciate an honest comment about the whole process - others might find it helpful! Click here to jump to the comment section.

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